Greetings to all in the Love of Jesus Christ:

The short version:  
We are postponing the Regional Gathering scheduled for October 2.  The new date will be January 15, 2022.

The more detailed version:
Several months ago, when most of us were getting vaccinated and it looked like in-person events would be safe this fall, we began planning a Regional Gathering as an event to celebrate.  We thought we would be beyond masks at that point and be able to celebrate with hugs and handshakes and lively interaction.  As the Delta variant has had many instances of “break through” infections, infections across our state are rising, and many of our congregations re-instating mask wearing and other safety precautions, we have decided that bringing 20+ congregations together for an in-person event does not seem as safe or celebratory as we had anticipated.  So we have picked a new date of January 15, 2022 in hopes that by then we will be able to host the event we envisioned.

If you have already registered for the Regional Gathering we will automatically apply your current registration to the January 15th event. If you would prefer, we can cancel and refund your registration. Please contact Matthew Clark ( if you have questions or would like to cancel your registration.

In the meantime, we wish you health, safety, peace, justice, and an abundance of God’s love.
Dios les bendiga!

Pastor Jay

Regional Minister and President
Christian Church in Arizona

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