Arizona Youth & Children Ministry exists to provide Christian Education opportunities for the youth and children of the Arizona Region.  Much of this is done through Retreats and Camps.  Our youth volunteers from around the state come together to provide two weekends and one week a year of fellowship and fun for all three of our age groups.  Children and Youth grades three through twelve have a chance to come together each Fall and Spring for the weekend retreats to discuss the themes and relate them to current events in their life and their communities.  Camp gives them a week away from their day to day summer routines.  It’s a chance to cool off and relax in the mountains of Prescott, to worship in nature, team build and enjoy the many activities that our staff as well as the camp provide.

Rev. Jay Deskins

Regional Youth and Children’s Minister

How Can Sports be Sacred?

How Can Sports be Sacred?

Practice. Hard work. Skills. Exercise. Competition. These are all important aspects of playing sports. And they are very important aspects of our daily lives. How do we practice our lives? Hard work can help us grow at school and at work. Skills are required to...

How Can Riding in the Car Be Sacred? The Road to Emmaus

How Can Riding in the Car Be Sacred? The Road to Emmaus

“American drivers spend an average of more than 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year, according to a new survey from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The research finds that more than 87.5 percent of Americans aged 16 years and older reported driving in the...

Affirmations – DUCC 2019

Affirmations – DUCC 2019

I can’t believe that camp has come and gone, it feels like yesterday that we began planning this summer’s camp and now it is a few weeks in our rearview! What an impactful week for so many of our campers and adults! During our time together, we worshipped, played, had...

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 2019 Summer Camp

June 16 – 21 @ Emmanuel Pines Campground

Early Bird Registrations Due May 1

Regular Registrations Due May 15

Summer Camp Forms
Additional Information for parents & churches:
What to Pack, Parent Info, & Directions: What to Pack – Parent Info – Directions 
Directions to Camp:  Emmanuel Pines Map and Directions
Camp Flyer: 2019 Summer Camp Flyer
For Church Offices

Visit our church registration information page.

Informational Brochure

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Countdown to Camp 2019








Retreats & Other Gatherings

2019 Midwinter Retreat

Grades 1 – 12
February 1 – 3, 2019
@ Camp Pinerock

Early Bird – $115
Early Bird Registrations due by December 10
Regular – $130

Regular Registrations due by January 7, 2019

Early bird registrations due to Regional Office by December 10, 2018
Registrations will be accepted at a regular cost until January 7, 2019. After January 7 registrations will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Download the Midwinter Retreat Flyer


Midwinter Retreat Registration Form

If you are interested in being a counselor for Midwinter Retreat please contact Jay Deskins at

Youth Leadership Team (YLT)

What is Youth Leadership Team?

High school students in the Christian Church in Arizona and the Southwest Conference of the United Church of Christ have a unique opportunity to develop their leadership through practice, training, and education. This manual lays out expectations, rules, and a signed covenant. This handbook applies to both the Youth Leadership Team (YLT) and Adults in the Life of Youth (ALYs).

Purpose of Youth Leadership Team (YLT)

The Youth Leadership Team (YLT) is a ministry of the Christian Church in Arizona and the Southwest Conference of the United Church of Christ. The main focus of this ministry is to develop young leaders within the two judicatories. These young leaders will develop skills to lead:

  1. Peers at youth and children’s events
  2. Local congregations
  3. The larger community

Throughout a Youth Leader’s time on YLT, it is the hope that they reach several milestones, takes leadership in annual events, and show leadership in their community and local congregations.

While there are some benefits for YLT, like college scholarships, the purpose of participation is not exclusively for the purpose of those benefits.


The YLT is a group of young leaders, and as such there are expectations of participation. Not only does this help with living out our mission and vision, but it teaches leadership.

  • To participate in the full ministry of the YLT.
  • To participate in the life and ministry of local congregations.
  • Clear and consistent communications with the YLT and ALYs.
  • Attendance, performance, willingness to learn and grow, and being a team player.

Camp Roles

While at camp, the YLT members are expected to take one of three leadership opportunities. The role that a YLT member takes on will be their main focus for camp, they may be asked to help in the execution of other things, but only if that does not conflict with their main focus. For example, if a Peer Leader is asked to help with the Talent Show, the Peer Leader can only help when they are not in Small Group.

  1. Activity Leaders

    1. Activity leaders are in charge of camp activities for the different camp age groups. This includes games, crafts, evening activities, etc.

Leadership Skills: Public speaking, high energy, quick and critical thinking, creative, instructional, organization and communication, especially under time and emotional pressure.

  1. Peer Leaders

    1. Peer leaders partner with an adult counselor to lead the  Small Groups for High School and Middle School Camps.

Leadership Skills: Spiritual leadership, leadership in small group situations and discussion, comfort with leading peers, listening, modeling of positive camp culture and expectations.

  1. Camper Leaders
    1. Camper Leaders work as partners with adult counselors in all aspects of the Sprouts and Pines camps, including living in the rooms with campers as assistant counselors.

Leadership Skills: Childhood development sensitivity, leadership with young children, teaching, patience, nurturing, trustworthy, high energy.

Covenant of Participation

All YLT participants, both youth and adults must sign this covenant. If there is a breach of covenant, a discussion will be had with regional and/or conference leadership and may result in the excusal from participation in YLT, and, if serious enough, all youth programming.

A covenant is a promise between people and God. Covenants are promises that we make that we hold with utmost respect and consideration.


As a member of the Youth Leadership Team, I promise to myself, my peers, the Church, and God, to:

  1. Fully participate in the ministry of the YLT, my local church, and region/conference.
  2. Follow through with my commitments, to maintain my own schedule, to find my own transportation to events, and to ask for help when I need it.
  3. Be clear in communication, and ask for clarity when others are not being clear.
  4. Be nice to all members of YLT, both in person and online.
  5. Be open-minded to the perspective, beliefs, and situations that my other YLT members have.
  6. Know when to step up, and when to back off.
  7. Understand that sometimes adults will have to make decisions that may not make you happy, but that have the YLT’s interest at heart.
  8. Be an active leader in my local church.
  9. Practice active listening, knowing that my voice is important but not the only voice.
  10. Respect my fellow YLT member’s differences and treat them with love.
  11. What is said in YLT stays in YLT, creating a safe space.
  12. Be open about my story, creating a brave space.
  13. During meetings, our main focus is getting things accomplished.
  14. Know when to work and when to play.
  15. Be quick to forgive others and myself for mistakes, be humble, listen for God and follow where God calls us.

All accepted YLT will be required to sign this covenant with their church pastor and Conference or Regional Staff.