Regional Staff

As Regional Minister and President, Rev. Hartley is responsible for the pastoral ministry and support of congregations and pastors and coordination of the Region’s ministries and staff. He also serves as the corporate and administrative President of the Region. Before Arizona, Rev. Hartley served Eastwood Christian Church in Tennessee and has extensive experience leading and serving various teams for the Christian Church in Tennessee, including most recently as Co-Chair of the Commission on Pro-Reconciliation. Rev. Hartley is a graduate of Vanderbilt Divinity School and has enjoyed mentoring many Vanderbilt students on their paths of discernment, discovering calls to ministry within their lives.

Rev. Dr. Jay R. Hartley

Regional Minister & President,

In 2015 Linda quickly immersed herself into the Women’s Ministry programs of our Region. Linda is well known throughout the Arizona Region, having served and participated in many ministries and programs for more than 25 years. She is a member of Foothills Christian Church.
Linda Sexton

Disciples Women’s Ministry (DWM) Coordinator,

Joining regional staff in 2015 as the Media Communications Coordinator, Matthew now serves as the Regional Ministry Administrator. Matthew manages all office and ministries administration. He works closely with our Regional Minister and Regional Commissions/Committees providing organization and administration for regional programs and events.

Matthew Clark

Regional Ministry Adminstrator,