DW_catalog_200w Arizona Disciples Women’s Ministries strive to live out our call given to us in Micah 6:8. Through regular Bible study and worship we grow spiritually, in knowledge and understanding. We study the issues of today’s world and those in mission fields to better understand and accept others. Through service and stewardship we use our time, talents and resources for the mission of the church. Together in fellowship with women in Arizona, we build up and support each other in the faith community, loving each other and loving God.

Linda Sexton

Disciples Women’s Ministry (DWM) Coordinator, lsexton@azdisciples.org

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DWM Spring Event

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The Rev. Sadie Lowrey HAGAR Project

“Helping Abused Grow And Recover”

Sponsored by

Disciples Women’s Ministries of Arizona

Christian Church in Arizona (Disciples of Christ)

HAGAR is more than the acronym, Helping Abused Grow And Recover.  It is the name of a Biblical woman who was abused.  Genesis 16 and 21 tell the story of Hagar, given as a concubine to Abraham, abused by Sarah, and eventually cast out into the desert with her child.  Family/domestic violence includes sexual, physical and emotional abuse.  HAGAR represents the victims of abuse in every generation. The purpose of the HAGAR project has been established to:

  1. Raise the awareness of Family Violence as it pertains to church and community.
  2. Help victims of Family Violence through awareness and ministry.
  3. Provide funding through grants to programs, groups, and organizations ministering to victims of Family Violence.
  4. Work for the end of Family Violence.

The Rev. Sadie Lowrey HAGAR Project began in 1991.  Since that time well over $100,000 has been awarded to organizations which minister to victims of family violence.  Hundreds of lives have been touched and forever changed.  Thank you to all who have supported The Rev. Sadie Lowrey HAGAR Project in the past.

Contribute to HAGAR

Each congregation’s DWM (women’s group) in Arizona is urged to contribute to The Rev. Sadie Lowrey HAGAR Project fund which will be used to make annual monetary grants to organizations which assist victims of Family Violence.  Individuals are also invited to make personal gifts to this fund through a one-time donation or through a memorial, will or other designation. 

Christian Church in Arizona
917 E. Sheridan St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006

All DWM groups are also encouraged to provide service to victims of family/domestic violence through shelters, domestic violence programs or other helping organization as an on-going service project.

Criteria for Selection
Criteria for selection:  Requests must be submitted on a current grant application form and include a cover letter from a sponsoring DWM.  The DWM supporting letter should explain why the organization was selected and what on-going support is provided by the DWM.  Only organizations ministering to victims of women and/or family violence will be considered for grants.  The HAGAR Grant Application will be filled out by the agency and given to their sponsoring DWM.  Agency brochures and other materials describing the program and its needs may accompany the grant application.  Grants are given for specific program needs (new beds, refrigerator, books for children, bus passes for victims, etc.)  On-going programming or salaries are not eligible for grants. Each congregation’s DWM in Arizona has the opportunity to submit one grant application each year for an organization in their community which they serve in some capacity.  Grants will be awarded at the spring women’s event. Grant application forms and information may be obtained from local DWM Presidents or the HAGAR Chair, Joyce Sterling, grandma_jes@yahoo.com