The Commission On Ministry (COM) establishes guidelines and policies for ministry and preparation for ministry that correspond with the guidelines and standards of the General Commission On Ministry (GCOM). This includes approving and taking “under-care” (i.e., providing guidance and resources) those interested in entering into ministry, as well as supporting clergy with standing through networking, educational opportunities, response to individual concerns, and prayer. The COM also addresses any ministerial issues that arise within the Region.

Larry Christensen

Commission on Ministry Chair

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) form our early beginnings has affirmed the “priesthood of all believers.” It has celebrated the importance of lay leadership and ministry within congregations. For some, lay leadership is the playce of ministry to which they are called. Perhaps this is your place of calling in ministry.

The Church recognizes that some are called to ordained or commissioned ministry. These are the the ministries for which the Arizona Commission on Ministry has charge.

Connecting with the Arizona Commission on Ministry (AZCOM)

Regarding Commissioning or Ordination

  • A meeting/interview with the COM will be arranged following receipt of a completed “Candidate Information” form and completion/submission of the “DOC Discovery” prerequisite. (see below) Our Commission currently meets bi-monthly or as needed. Candidates will be contacted in advance to arrange an appointment time
  • It is understood that any inquiry does not in any way obligate the “candidate” or the AZ COM
  • When an official relationship is established (agreed upon), the candidate will become “Under Care” of the AZ COM
  • Additional detailed information, including a typical timeline, will be provided as appropriate
  • Initiation of this process (completing and submitting the Candidate Form and “DOC Discovery” materials ), as well as on-going follow up is the responsibility of the candidate.
  • “DOC Discovery” — Prerequisite to the interview and acceptance by COM. Contact COM (Regional Office) for more information
    • Visit various DOC churches (to be suggested by COM)
    • Read “About the Disciples” on the denomination’s website ( and all referenced documents/related links. (currently at
    • Visit one-on-one with two selected DOC ministers
    • Explore the General and Regional DOC websites—( and
    • Following these steps, share, in writing, some thoughts about these areas
      • Understanding of Lord’s Supper
      • Understanding of baptism
      • Understanding of Christian unity
      • “Why I want to be a DOC”

Commission on Ministry Documents

  • Arizona Policies and Criteria for the Ordaining of Ministry

Helpful Links

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Ordained Ministry - Learn more
  • Alll Ordained Ministers and candidates for becoming a Ordained Minister must be a member of a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation
  • All ministerial candidates must complete the COM psychological and ministry assessment.
  • Ordained ministers are set apart for “leadership in the life and witness of the church”
  • Ordination into the order of ministry is understood to be for life, and is manifested in service, proclamation, and oversight
    • Ordination is not limited to a particular office
    • Ordination occurs within one Region, but is recognized by all Regions
  • Requirements for Ordained Ministry include, but are not limited to:
    • Successful completion of Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent from an institution of higher education accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, or the Association for Biblical Higher Learning. In some instances  a candidate may apply to AZ COM to pursue ordination through an Apprentice track.
    • Theological study and competence in 16 general areas of ministerial practices  as defined in the GCOM document “Theological Foundations and Policies and Criteria for the Order of Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciple of Christ)”
    • Professional and ecclesiological study plus supervised field experience in the work of ministry, exhibiting competencies in that area of ministry in which the candidate desires to serve
  • Ordained ministers must meet requirements for standing within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
  • Standing as Ordained Minister within CC(DOC) is credentialed by the Region
Commissioned Ministry - Learn more
  • All Commissioned Ministers and candidates for Commissioned Ministry must be  a member of a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation
  • All ministerial candidates must complete the COM psychological and ministry assessment.
  • Commissioned Ministry is restricted to a specific ministry within a specific congregation or setting
  • The Commissioned Minister status is not automatically transferrable to another Region
    • The Commissioned Minister must request a transfer
    • Each Regional Minister sends a recommendation to the Region in which Commissioned Minister wishes to serve
  • The minimum educational requirements will be met through a continuing education study program approved by the Commission on Ministry
    • Knowledge, growth and competency in 16 general areas of ministerial practices
    • Knowledge, growth and competency in the specialty area of ministry for which the candidate is being commissioned. Resources will be identified and /or provided.
  • All Commissioned Ministers are assigned an Ordained Minister as Mentor, with whom they meet regularly
  • Commissioned Ministers are normally commissioned by the Region for a period of one year, renewable upon review
  • Standing as Commissioned Minister within CC(DOC) is credentialed by the Region

Contact the Commission on Ministry

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