Pastor Rep Meetings

Upcoming Meeting Information

March 16 via Zoom at 7:00pm

March 17 via Zoom at 10:30am

2020 Pastor Rep Meetings


Thursday, August 13 at Chalice Christian Church


2021 Pastor Rep Meetings (TBD)


Wednesday, August 12 at Saguaro Christian Church

What are Pastor Rep Meetings?

These twice per year meetings are a time for pastors and designated representatives to gather for connection through:

  • information about regional events and ministries,
  • education or training,
  • hearing from General Church ministries or affiliated organizations,
  • fellowship, and
  • sharing on behalf of their congregation.

Representatives and Pastors then take this experience and information back to their congregations as partners in regional ministry!

If you would like to know more, ask your pastor who your congregations rep is, and what was shared at the last meeting!