Well, that’s it! A wrap on our 2020 DUCC @ Home experience has come to an end! I am so thankful to the adults who made this experience possible and to all the kids who gave this a shot. Our theme for our 4-week experience was “Everything is Holy Now” where we talked about how God is so much bigger than a one-hour worship service on Sundays. That in the pandemic, we see that everything can be holy and that so many things can reflect God’s love and goodness.

Each week our participants had several opportunities to gather. There were small groups based on grade, interest groups and activities, worship, and even campfires and talent shows. While we couldn’t replicate the vast majority of the camp experience, we were able to grow together as a community. 

One of my favorite moments came when four elementary students were in the same interest group, and they were cracking jokes and saying “you always say that” and two of these kids have never met in person. And at the end of the experience, one of those kids said: “I was so happy to meet so many new friends, and get to hang out with them. It made things less boring.” That was worth it. 

This experience, hopefully, never has to happen again, but I am thankful for the opportunity to help young people connect not only with friends and adults but with God. On a personal note, this experience challenged me and pushed me in creative directions I didn’t know we would ever have to go. And I am very thankful for that.

I am also thankful to a region that is willing to adapt to the challenges of today and still provide opportunities for people to connect.


Rev. Jay Deskins
Regional Youth and Children’s Minister


If you would like to watch the weekly worship services and see some of what we did at DUCC @ Home, click on these links! You will hear some great keynotes, sing some songs, get energized!

Week 1 Worship | Week 2 Worship Week 3 Worship | Week 4 Worship

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2022 Summer Camp

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On the Horizon

“When I say ‘UNO,’ you say ‘TOGETHER! “UNO.” “TOGETHER!”

“When I say ‘ONE,’ you say ‘JUNTOS!’” “ONE.” “JUNTOS!”

So began Rev. Pedro Ramos-Goycolea in his welcome to our Regional Gathering last month. Juntos brought be such joy – it was the first time in my nearly 2.5 years at your Regional Minister that I’ve been able to plan and celebrate an event together. Thanks be to God for the celebration we had together.