Greetings to all in the Love of Jesus Christ:

Today felt like Christmas to me. And if I tell you the story, it might feel like Christmas to you too.

In 1960, the First Christian Church of Prescott was founded, and for 61 years proclaimed God’s love and strove to serve their neighbors in Prescott and beyond. In recent years, the aging congregation dwindled in size, a trend that was exacerbated by the pandemic. On November 14, 2021 they held their final celebration and closed the congregation, and the property was sold. While there is always sadness when congregations close, there is also celebration when ministry lives on.

As stewards of the proceeds of the sale, our Regional Board created a Legacy Fund in the name of FCC Prescott. Every year, gifts will be given from this fund to Week of Compassion, Disciples Mission Fund, Arizona Youth and Children’s ministries, and the outreach arm of our Arizona Disciples Women. Part of what this means: as we read about the devastation from the tornadoes in Kentucky, which among other things destroyed the building of First Christian Church of Mayfield, we also know that tangible gifts from our Prescott Disciples are already flowing through Week of Compassion to provide assistance.

But it was another decision made by the Regional Board that led to today feeling like Christmas. The Board also decided to use a portion of the proceeds to go directly to agencies that FCC supported in their Prescott community: Habitat for Humanity, 2 food banks, 2 emergency shelters, the Disabled American Veterans chapter, and other compassionate agencies that work to prevent abuse and promote well-being for people in need. So today I licked and stamped envelopes that held $168,000 of gifts to help the poor and needy in Prescott as part of FCC’s legacy. What a blessing!

Christmas is about giving, and never before have I been blessed to be a part of such a large gift. The covenant and ministry that we share as Region and local congregation calls us to reveal God’s love through moments like these.  I hope you will all share the joy of feeling like you are part of a large church family that constantly strives to shine God’s light and spread Christ’s love in tangible ways, as we seek to bring wholeness to our fragmented world.

Dios les bendiga, Merry Christmas, and Feliz Navidad!

Pastor Jay
Regional Minister and President, Christian Church in Arizona

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