About Us: What We Do

The Christian Church in Arizona is one of 31 geographic areas of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Most often we are known as the “Arizona Region.”

The primary nature of regional ministries is to look after the congregations in their geographic area.

Our congregations call Regions to fulfill the mission of the Church by taking the lead in developing new forms of ministry in mission, witness and service. Regions also are nurturing agents that provide support, guidance and pastoral care to ministers and congregations. Additionally, Regions provide for standing and credentialing of ministers, and support for relocation of pastors, and filling vacant ministerial positions. Regions help find interim minsters for churches that are without permanently called pastors.

Our Mission is

“To create an environment and relationships in which congregations and leaders are called, supported and equipped for congregational mission and ministries which are transforming, growing and faithful.”

The Arizona Region strives to live out its calling and mission by:

Supporting Congregations

  • Facilitating planning and visioning
  • Offering pastoral care, support and coaching

Empowering Leaders

  • Providing events and workshops to train congregational leaders
  • Resourcing congregations
  • Helping congregations network with one another

Strengthening Ministry

  • Walking with congregations through the process of calling a new minister
  • Licensing, Ordaining, and maintaining the standing of ministers
  • Encouraging and/or providing financial support for pastors to attend suport groups, retreats and educational events

Growing Faithful Disciples

  • Offering camps and conference for young Disciples
  • Supporting youth ministries
  • Supporting ministries for women
  • Supporting developing Ethnic ministries

Reaching Out to Others

  • Establishing new churches
  • Working to eradicate racism
  • Sharing in the Mission through projects and work trips
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