Regional Staff

As Interim Regional Minister and President, Rev. Sanchez is responsible for the pastoral ministry and support of congregations and pastors and coordination of the Region’s ministries and staff. He also serves as the corporate and administrative President of the Region. Before Arizona, Rev. Sanchez served on staff with the Christian Church in Florida with his portfolio including supporting new church starts, serving as the liaison with Latino congregations, and providing chief staff oversight of the Commission on Ministry, concluding his time there with the title Associate Regional Minister. In serving the General Church Rev. Sanchez has brought his leadership and administrative skills to use by serving as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Disciples Home Missions, as the Chair of the Search Committee for National Hispanic Pastor, and as a member of the Advisory Committee of Week of Compassion. Most recently Rev. Sanchez has served several intentional interims.

Rev. Richie Sanchez

Interim Regional Minister & President,

Joining regional staff in 2018 Rev. Jay Deskins, with the help of our Youth and Children’s Ministry Team (YCMT), visions and manages our regional youth programs. This includes our Summer Camp program, mid year gatherings, and helping to resource our congregations youth and children’s ministry programs.

Rev. Jay Deskins

Regional Youth and Children’s Minister,

Joining regional staff in 2015 as the Media Communications Coordinator, Matthew now serves as the Regional Ministry Administrator. Matthew manages all office and ministries administration. He works closely with our Regional Minister and Regional Commissions/Committees providing organization and administration for regional programs and events.

Matthew Clark

Regional Ministry Adminstrator,

In 2015 Linda quickly immersed herself into the Women’s Ministry programs of our Region. Linda is well known throughout the Arizona Region, having served and participated in many ministries and programs for more than 25 years. She is a member of Foothills Christian Church.

Linda Sexton

Disciples Women’s Ministry (DWM) Coordinator,

Since 2007, the cheerful, helpful voice that answers our phone at the Regional Office is Lyn! As Administrative Assistant she manages all Youth and Children registrations and prepares for their events. She keeps electronic files related to our congregations and pastors, providing timely information both to our General Church, and to our local congregations.

Lyn Saint-Erne

Administrative Assistant,