UPDATE: Please visit DUCC @ Home and Camp Cancelation for updated information on 2020 Disciples UCC Church Camp. 

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Parent Guardian FAQs

Who can register a camper?

Only a legal parent or guardian can register a camper.

If you would like to help financially support a specific camper there are several great ways to do that. See the question “Can a friend or family member pay my camper’s registration costs” below.

How long does the registration form take?

The complete form for each camper should take approximately ten (10) minutes. Please set aside enough time to fully complete each registration. If you leave the form partway the information you entered will not be retained and you will need to begin again when you come back to the form.

You can shorten the time it takes for each camper by having ready the following items prior to beginning the form

  • Current medications
  • Insurance & physician information
  • Conference or Regional scholarship codes your camper has been awarded
  • Vouchers your camper has received (from a relative or church)
What if I have more than one camper?

Another wonderful feature of this online form is that parents/guardians completing forms for multiple children will only need to fill out their contact information once! There might be some information you have to enter more than once if it is the same for each camper. We work hard to make forms that accommodate all families and situations, which means some might need to repeat a few answers.

What if I don’t know a piece of information that is required?

The registration form is designed to keep all our campers safe and asks for only information that is helpful or necessary for your camper to have a positive experience. For answers that require a date (except the camper’s birthdate) you may answer the first day of the month and year if the exact date is unknown. If there is a portion of the form that you are unsure you can complete, please contact our Camp Director, Rev. Jay Deskins (jdeskins@azdisciples.org).

Can I pay online with a Credit Card for my camper’s registration?

YES! We are excited to offer the ability to pay online for your camper at the time of registration.

Can a friend or family member pay my camper’s registration costs?

YES! We are excited to offer something new this year, vouchers. If you have a friend or family member who would like to pay for your camper’s registration have them visit this form before you register your camper.

At the beginning of the form they would choose “I am paying for more than one camper” and “I am wanting to purchase one or more vouchers for campers.” See the screenshot below to see what these choices look like. They will then be guided through the process of purchasing a voucher. They will choose the amount of the voucher* and enter your (parent/guardian) email address. If you will be registering multiple campers, they can purchase multiple vouchers, one for each camper. It is important that they purchase a voucher for each camper, not one large voucher for multiple campers.

*Each camper may enter only one voucher, so vouchers should be used only to pay for a significant portion of the camper’s registration.

What are the payment options?

Your payment options are dependent on a few variables. Once you arrive at the billing screen appropriate options will be made available to you based on your choices on the registration form. If you have questions about this, please feel free to contact the Conference or Regional office.

What is a Voucher Code?

Vouchers are like gift cards and are a way for friends or family members to pay for a camper’s registration costs. If you are interested, see the question “Can a friend or family member pay my camper’s registration cost?” for more information.

What is a Scholarship Code?

The UCC Conference and DOC Region have made available scholarships to congregations. Congregations have received those codes and will make those available to campers most in need. Contact your church office, pastor, or leadership to inquire about a scholarship code.

Church FAQs

Can the church register for a camper?

Camp registration forms require the agreement and signature of a parent or guardian. For this reason, only a parent or guardian can complete a registration for a camper. For those that might need a little help completing the form we recommend that a church administrator, children/youth leader, or other leader sit with the parent/guardian.

Can the church pay for a portion of a camper’s registration?


The best way to accomplish this is for the church to use the form to purchase a voucher for each camper. The vouchers are unique and can be delivered via email directly to the camper’s parent or guardian. On each registration there is an opportunity to enter a Voucher Code. When they enter their unique code that registration will reduce in cost by the amount of the voucher. Vouchers must be purchased before the camper is registered.

If the church does not wish to use vouchers, they can contact the Conference or Regional Offices for more information.

If you need help with either process, please don’t hesitate to contact the Conference or Regional office.

How can someone apply to be a counselor at camp?

Those applying to be a counselor at camp will have a form available in the near future.

Potential counselors will be asked to complete all information that would be needed should they be selected including medical information.